Meet the awesome team behind Zeekam Global Travel.

Mr. Hassan Abiri

Executive Director

Judith Hassan Abiri Mrs.


Mrs. Olabisi Olabode

Operation Manager

Meet the Managing Director (MD), Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited, Hassan Abiri. With his constant travels and an attempt at solving the many challenges associated with the transportation industry (especially by air). Often times he has wondered why many Nigerians do not factor in vacations in the work schedule for the year as their working years roll by.

He observed in awe how many of his colleagues work all through the years without having a special time when they package some form of vacation to spend quality time with family. More so, those who had plans had to go on vacations usually encounter one or two challenges that would eventually discourage them from embarking on such self-rejuvenating trips.

In view of these challenges and to encourage Nigerians and people around the world to find time to spend with loved ones, Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited was born. Being the Managing Director of Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited, he has been able to deploy experiences garnered over time in the service of Multinationals Technologies Limited in ensuring that his company’s business strategies are executed and goals are reached, he ensures that the company’s policies and legal guidelines are communicated at all times, he facilitates achievements by planning cost effective operations and market development activities, oversees the company’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures being the image maker of the company in view of positioning it in good light before existing clients and potential customers and analyzing of problematic situations in view of proffering solutions to ensure survival of the company.

He has achieved many experiences in the Oil and gas industry He is married with four lovely children. Being a family man, he also, creates time to spend with his family by taking them to view the awesome nature of life, thereby making the family experience the serenity around vacation

Judith Hassan Abiri Mrs.

Meet Judith Abiri, the Executive Director of Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited. She is one who loves adventures as such when her husband, the Managing Director of the company suggests having a company that solves Travel problem, she puts her full support behind him on this. She is an Entrepreneur and a great philanthropist who supports the poor masses in her own little way. She also empowers people on how to make soaps and other household cleaning services.
She is a graduate of Business Administration from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. She was based in Benin where she lived most of her life before marriage took her to Lagos.
She has been the support of the Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited, as she contributes to the moving forward of the company using her experiences as an adventurer.
She is a good mother to four kids, two lovely boys and two lovely, beautiful girls.

Mrs. Olabisi Olabode

Olabisi Olabode is the Operations Manager for Zeekam Global Travels and Tours Limited, who is a motivated, adaptable and responsible Administration graduate with strong communication, organizational skills and good customer service knowledge. She is well experienced on the field with achievable result. In her book, nothing is impossible; everything is possible while ensuring fairness in her dealings. She always drives towards customer satisfaction as she believes the customer is the king and is always right while ensuring the company attains it stated goals and aspirations with her experience, she believes so much in Team work.

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